Pumps & Diluter Dispensers

ALS provide a wide range of pumps for different pumping applications with flow from 0.002 mL/min to 13 L/Min. These pumps can be used in the laboratory, in manufacturing, engineering or in process control for food and drug manufacturing. The Peristaltic Pumps feature colour displays which allow the user to configure different heads to meet the flow rate required. Our peristaltic pumps can be fitted with different tubing which can be throw-away or autoclaved making them suitable for clinical applications. Other pumps that we supply include:-
• Variable Speed Pumps
• Flow Rate Pumps
• Dosing Dispensing Pump
• Industrial Pumps


  • Wide range of pumping applications.
  • Flexible pumps that can be used in a variety of situations.
  • Colour displays available on most models.
  • Optional RPM start/stop or dispensing and flow rate pumping models.
  • Metal cased models available to comply with IP31 in wet environments.

Diluter Dispensers

The Diluter Dispensers features 2 models. A single syringe drive that can be fitted with syringes from 50µl to 25ml and an 8-Syringe Drive unit that can accommodate Syringes from 50 µl to 5ml.

These very precise high-resolution diluting and dispensing pumps capable of dispensing 1/25th of the Syringe Volume with better than 1% inaccuracy.

Peristaltic Pumps

Our range of peristaltic pumps are capable of flows from 0.1 μl/min. to 8,000 litre/hour and handling pressures of up to 7 Bar (100 psi). With no seals, valves or moving parts in the flow path, these pumps are particularly useful for dispensing in sterile environment and hazardous environments.  Choose form a wide range of tubing and you now have the perfect match for your dispensing applications.

From manual dispensing variable speed control pumps to dosing volumetric pumps, all our pumps deliver accurate volumes every time, with clear visual information offered by our colour displays.

  • Wide range manual dispensing or dosing flow rate pumps.
  • Colour display (on most models) for setting up and volume dispense indication.
  • Accurate and repeatable flow rates.
  • Mechanical components liquid isolation, contamination-free pumping, ideal for sterile and aggressive environments..
  • Easy to install, operate and maintain.
  • Virtually maintenance-free - no expensive seals, valves, diaphragms or rotors to leak, clog or corrode.

Most pumps have an LCD colour display with menu driven interface to allow setting the pumping parameters Start/Stop, Direction, Speed and displaying volumes.

To further expand the versatility of our pumps, we provide a comprehensive range of interfaces to connect to other devices.

RS485, MODBUS protocol, PLC and TTL allow connection to PC’s and other controlling devices and integrating into OEM systems.

Diluter Dispensers


  •  Height          28.0 cm.
  • Width           19.5 cm.
  •  Depth          17.0 cm.
  •   Weight         6.5 Kg.

Power Requirements

  •   Supply Voltage        Current.
  •   Input Voltage            110- 240V AC.
  •   Peak 2                       4 VDC +10% 2A.

Weight 6.5Kg


  •  3,000/24,000 steps.

Plunger Drive

  •  Stepper motor driven lead screw with optical feedback.
  • Travel 60 mm.

Plunger Speeds

  •   0.8 Second-10min/stroke for standard resolution pump.
  •  1.5 Seconds-20 min/stroke for high resolution pump (Speed ranges vary depending on the syringe size and tubing.) (10 - 1000 l Sec-1 in IDIS EE).


  •  No. of Syringes :       8.
  •  Sizes                           50 l – 2.5ml.


  •  Barrel:                 Borosilicate Glass.
  • Plunger:             Stainless Steel.
  • Seal:                   Virgin Teflon.


  •   0.05% CV within run at full stroke.

Peristaltic Pumps

  • Flow range :                       0.005-20ml/min .
  • Flow accuracy:                 <0.5%.
  • Speed range:                     0.1-50rpm,
  • Speed resolution :         0. 1rpm,
  •  Power supply :                 AC 220V±10%,50Hz/60Hz(standard).
  • AC 110V±10%,50Hz/60Hz(optional).
  • Power consumption:     <8W>.
  • External control:             Input electrical level 5V, 12V (standard), 24V (optional).
  • External communication interface:  RS485 MODBUS protocol.
  • Operating Temperature:   0 ~ 40℃.
  • Relative humidity:     <80%.
  • IP grade:                       IP31.
  • Dimensions(L x W x H)112mm x 96mm x 96mm.
  • Speed resolution :   0.1rpm.
  • Weight:                   0.7KG