Tablet Dissolution Testing

This application is used to automate testing of Tablets, Capsules and other solid dosage forms according to USP Method 1 and 2 USP <711/724>, EP(European Pharmacopeia) 2.9.3/4> JP(Japanese Pharmacopeia) . Consists of a Dissolution Bath, Pump and Spectrophotometer and is controlled by our
IDISis software.


  • Automated Dissolution Testing
  • Online UV or unique automated HPLC Dissolution Testing
  • Control all Bath function including Media Splitting and Media Changing
  • Single or multi-component analysis with unlimited sampling intervals
  • Integrates Absorbance values from Flow Through configurations to provide Weight Content and % Dissolution
  • Displays calculated results in real time along with Temperature numerically and graphically as the experiment proceeds
  • Automated Media Change
  • Integration of data in real time for Open Loop calculations